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Post  Mrs. Bofo on Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:42 am

1.) This is a forum for all ages.
2.) Flaming/Bashing another user or site is not tolerated and you will get in trouble if caught doing so.
3.) Spreading rumors about other sites while on Character Cave or about Character Cave on other sites will get you banned permanently from the Character Cave forum, as well as reported on that site.
4.) Keep your drama OUT OF HERE. We do not want to know about your mate who left you, and it does not create a very kind environment to other users to mention dramatic things, such as death of a relative, pet, or any other negative drama!
5.) Do not harass a user or an admin at any point, no matter what. Harassment is annoying and sometimes hurtful, and creates a bad environment for other users or the user you are harassing.
6.) Begging - do not beg, whether it is for deltas, money, non-free characters, or to become an administrator. Doing this will get you in trouble, and it's very annoying to other users, which makes an uncomfortable environment here at Character Cave.
7.) Slamming/shaming someone or something in a public post. If you have any problems, CONTACT AN ADMINISTRATOR. Making a public post is rude and unacceptable. You will be punished if caught doing so, your post moved and locked.
8.) Bashing a user for their orientation, race or religion - NOT TOLERATED. You will suffer the consequences if caught in the act of speaking relative or rude words about homosexuality or race, and such.
9.) Talk of illegal acts; This includes rape, murder, drugs, and everything in between. This will automatically get you banned as it is rude and unacceptable, making an uncomfortable environment for other users.
10.) HARM THREATS - If caught making a threat to harm oneself or another user you will be automatically banned for a short period of time. If you continue to do so after your ban expires another will be placed on your IP and you will be shunned from Character Cave.
11.) Posting or linking to adult material, which is above PG13 level, will be removed and you will get in trouble. It's a PG13 site for a reason; We do not want any type of nudity, pornography, or excessive blood/gore on our site.
12.) Talking about bans on others or oneself will get you in severe trouble. It is not any other user's business why you were banned, and you do not have the right to discuss another user's ban with another user.
13.) Do not post any type of spam. If you post spam, it will be deleted and if needed there will be disciplinary action. Some examples of spam:
-Multiple topics containing similar or the exact same content
-Posting screenies from other chats
-Creating a new topic of something that has already been posted
-Polls that have no relevance
-Posting spam on another’s topic
14.) You may only have ONE account. The Taz account is for use of all Alphas - it is not a secondary account of any sort. If you are caught having multiple accounts on Character Kennel all but one will be banned, and you will b warned. If you continue to make multiple accounts, your IP will be banned as well.
15.) Mild Swearing is allowed, meaning a few lighter words a few times. Be extremely sparing with your harsh swears, meaning no F-Bombs. Do not swear at other users, or use excessive swearing. This will lead to a warning or a ban, based on severity.
16.) Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you. In other words, be nice, and be kind. You do not have to like all users, but please be polite, nonetheless.
17.) Certain types of posts are not allowed here. These include posts that are journals about you or someone else's life, and threads that include "do you like me" or "what do you think of me". These will be removed. They are not relevant to the site or any of its categories.
18.) Art theft is not allowed. Posting avatars, signatures, and other users' art without copyrights will be considered art theft. PLEASE ADD THE COPYRIGHT OF ANY ART YOU POST SO YOU WILL NOT GET IN TROUBLE. Art theft is a serious matter and it is not taken lightly. If it continues after a few warnings, you will be banned permanently from Character Cave.
20.) Please only Bump Topics every 24 hours. Bumping will push your post back to the top of that forum. Another thing to keep in mind is that after 3-4 bumps with no reply, consider your topic dead, and it will be locked and moved to the archive.
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